Payout refers to the total amount the bettor receives back from the bookmaker after backing a successful outcome, including their original stake.

Payout is determined by and calculating used the odds assigned to the successful selection and the total stake placed.

Payout differs from returns as the figure does include the original stake, whereas with returns this is not the case. In contrast, returns refers to the total profit gained from a successful bet.

Calculating payout

In order to calculate payout from a successful bet, the two figures you need are the stake and the odds.

Calculating payout from returns

Working out payout from returns is really simple, and is calculated using the following formula.

Returns + stake

For example, if a stake of £10 had yielded returns of £7.50, the payout would be £17.50

10 + 7.50 = £17.50

Calculating payout with decimal odds

Decimal odds represent the total payout for every £1 placed on an outcome, meaning payout is relatively simple to work out.

To calculate payout using decimal odds, the following formula is used:

Stake * decimal odds

For example

  • Barcelona vs Real Madrid - Barcelona to win at odds of 1.85 with a £20 stake

20 * 1.85 = 37

Payout = £37

Calculating payout with fractional odds

To calculate payout using fractional odds, the following formula is used.

(Stake * (numerator / denominator)) + stake

For example

(5 * (3 / 1)) + 5 = 20

Total payout = £20

Calculating payout with American odds

To calculate payout using American odds, there are two separate formulas to use depending on whether you have backed an outcome with positive or negative odds.

Calculating payout with positive odds

To calculate payout on a positive odds bet, the following formula is used:

(Stake * (odds / 100)) + stake

For example

  • Arsenal vs Chelsea - Arsenal to win odds of +250 with a $10 bet stake

(10 * (250 / 100) + 10 = 35

Payout = $35.

Calculating payout with negative odds

To calculate payout on a negative odds bet, the following formula is used:

(Stake * ((100 / (odds * - 1))) + stake

For example

  • Liverpool vs Everton - Liverpool to win at odds of -400 with a $10 stake

(10* ((100 / (-400 * -1))) + 10 = 12.5

Payout = $12.50.

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